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Make Music Part of Your Life

Learn to Play an Instrument Today

  • Piano

    Learn from the best! We've been teaching piano and sharing the love of music since 1968.

  • Voice

    We offer private voice lessons as well as group choral classes through our Vocal Workshops.

  • Guitar & Bass

    Learn to play guitar privately or join the Guitar Workshop, offered through the foundation.

  • Flute

    Aside from the voice, flutes are the earliest known musical instruments. Learn to play today!

  • Theory & Composition

    We offer AP Music Theory, private instructions and tutoring.

Why Study With Us?

We believe that there are four primary goals in music education:


To teach our students to love music


To have fun learning and discovering different genres of music


To acquire personal growth and development


To contribute to society with the musical skills that have been developed

Safe, Relaxed, and Comfortable Environment

We believe that learning is best achieved when students feel safe, relaxed and comfortable in all settings in the conservatory.

Student-Centered Approach

We believe in the student-centered approach to education. Students learn best when they have music that interests them and matches their level of ability.

Goal-Oriented Approach to Education

We believe in a goal-oriented approach to education. We provide a hierarchy of goals with short term goals placed within longer term goals.

Holistic Approach with a Supportive Community

We believe in a holistic approach to music education that integrates the student, the teachers, the entire family, and the conservatory into one motivated and supportive community.

Evolving Strategies and Techniques

We believe in constantly evolving our teaching strategies and techniques because each student learns differently

Latest Musical Technologies

We believe that it is the teachers’ responsibility to remain updated, informed, and skilled in the latest musical technologies and to share this new knowledge with the students.

High Quality Education and Diverse Backgrounds

We believe that students entering the conservatory are entitled to a high quality education. This includes people of diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, religious, gender, and disability backgrounds.


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